Afghan Women Association for Rehabilitation and Development (NNWA) is an Afghan Non- Governmental, Non-Political and not for Profit Organization dedicated to the social, civic and economic integration of Afghan Women, Youths ,Person with disabilities and other vulnerable groups in Afghanistan. Mentioned Organization established in 1995?s in Mazar-I-Sharif Province of the Afghanistan with its first official service endeavor was to conduct vocational training in Carpet and Rug Weaving and Tailoring along with literacy for internally displaced People (IDPs) in KAMAZ CAMP, KART-E-SOLHA and SAKHI CAMP of MAZAR-I- Sharif Province of Afghanistan. While transition government come into being in 2002 ? NNWA been registered with Afghanistan Ministry of Planning and during the elected government NNWA been registered with Ministry of Economy under registration number# 97 in 13 Oct,2005. Observing desperate hopes ,increasing verities of problems at one hand and feeling responsibility of intervention for positive change at the life of Women in community due to the social, traditional and cultural norms, NNWA decided to extend its scope of work and include other rehabilitative and developmental programs that would better help the depressed Afghan community from their legal rights. NNWA therefore included new initiatives to its activities for the sake of better help Afghan women and their families. NNWA successes at this stage and with the recommendation of its donor agencies were able to start: Training's(vocational and capacity buildings). Awareness Raising at the aspects of Gender, Disability and legal rights, advocacy, , peace culture inspiration , conflict resolution training, literacy and numeracy, Civic Education, Hygiene and Health Education , Emergency Response and Shelter Materials Provision in different provinces of Afghanistan. With almost three decades of war and ethnically conflicts, Afghanistan assumed to have left with almost a million people with different kinds of destructions women become widows, infant rate goes high along with all these women right been violated through different ways , even in Afghan community they didn?t have access to justice and their basic rights. NNWA as a has proven its capacity in effective implementation of rehabilitation programs across Afghanistan and is proud of its 23 years of honest and responsive service to the Afghan community and its war-torn country, Afghanistan. Involved in sustainable development and implementation of projects across Afghanistan . This local grass-root not for profit organization has proven its capacity in the planning, designing and productive implementation of capacity development and rehabilitation projects. NNWA has a very committed, hardworking, innovative team of professional where youth and women are playing key role in decision making process internally in organization. This professional group of young men and women with their expertise and experience from national and international communities have come together to work for; bringing sense of accountability in both side government and society, peace building, democratization, human rights, rule of law, gender equality and civic education. While elimination or at least decreasing violence against women and child labor and using their potential for building a bright future instead, came to one of their important priorities.